GWCC has always believed in a world of equality and endless possibilities for both men and women. In The Gambia there is a section of society that deserves more attention in terms of their fundamental rights especially their economic empowerment, these are the physically challenged women in business. Our goal is to seek lasting solutions to their problems by building their capacity and linking them with business opportunities. Our Physically Challenged Members are into Food Processing but require capacity building to make their products more innovative. Initially GWCC tried to link them up with supermarkets and minimarkets but it was discovered that their products were not well processed, preserved, packaged or labelled. Therefore, their products failed to meet the required standards and were not accepted.

During the 3rd Edition of the National th and Women Agribusiness and Tourism Trade Fair from November-December 2021 held at the Independence Stadium, Bakas GWCC secured a stall for the group to showease their products. However, it was difficult for them to make sales because of the quality of their products (Preservation, Packaging, Labelling, Logo, etc.)

Consequently, a training on Food Processing, Preservation, Packaging and Labelling was organized for the above mentioned members. The objective of the training was on proper food processing, packaging and labelling. The outcome of the training was

as follows:

1. Participants were equipped with skills to sustain their businesses

2. Participants developed their own brands to reflect quality and unique products

3. Business linkages were established between participants and supermarkets minimarkets for the sale of their products


It is worthy to mention that the activity was fully funded by the Mimistry of Trade Regional Integration and Employment (MoTIE) under the UNDP Entrepreneur and Private Sector Development Project (EPSD). GWCC wishes to extend preten gratitude for their invaluable support.

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